About BeTrue

BeTrue stands for really being yourself. Not having your life led by fear or limiting ideas that you may have about yourself. Rather, living from your true essence. BeTrue offers you insight and the tools necessary to realize this. So that you can live a confident and happy life.

Who is the face behind BeTrue

Liana Verberg is the face behind BeTrue. Through BeTrue, she offers individual coaching (Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT)) and mindfulness meditation training. She is registered with both the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (VGCT) and the Association for Mindfulness.

Years of experience

Liana has always been very interested in the functioning of the mind. She has 20 years of experience in meditation and also did many retreats and studies. For instance, she obtained a certificate from Rigpa for the 3 year program of study and training in Buddhist philosophy and practise. Besides that, she has years of training in integrating mindfulness meditation in daily life. She has experience in providing mindfulness meditation training and workshops. At the international organization Mind With Heart and Rigpa, Liana has been trained to be allowed to provide these training courses.

Education and background

Liana has completed the training Social Pedagogical Assistance and worked for years in youth care and psychiatry. After that, she completed the basic training post-HBO cognitive behavioral therapy worker and the Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). Liana has experience working with various problems, such as depression, burnout, anxiety, attachment problems, compulsion, autism, LOK and various behavioral and emotional problems.

Putting education and experience into practice

Liana now has the knowledge and experience to apply mindfulness in a therapeutic way in individual coaching. She can offer handles to people in a practical way and provide insight to help break their patterns. With her experience on a psychological, social and emotional level, she can make the mindfulness training accessible to people in their daily lives.

Are you interested in MBCT coaching or mindfulness meditation training? Feel free to contact Liana to make an appointment. Of course you can also get in touch if you would rather first hear more about the coaching and training.